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Learn and Master Guitar by Steve Krenz
Learn & Master Guitar
#1 Guitar Lesson Program

Ever wanted to learn to play guitar in the comfort of your home? No expensive tutors, no trips to a school to learn, and with the convenience of being able to learn at your own pace? All of these benefits and much more are examples of the world that is Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar.

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar is developed by Steve Krenz, a professional guitarist from Nashville, TN. A few of his creditials: trained musician with a degree in music, playing with a broad range of genres (symphony, big jazz bands, Donna Summer, Tommy Sims) and has performed with big artists such as Country Music Star Bryan White. You can't ask for a more diverse and unique experience when learning guitar.

Will it actually work for you? Will you be wasting your time and money? Is this just another internet scam? What are the user forums saying? In this review, we’ll try to answer those questions, and more.

Our Number 1 Choice: Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar

Disclosure: If you proceed to the Product Website and purchase this product from the manufacturer, they will pay us a fee. The opinions offered here are our own and all information is verified as accurate at the time of review.


Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar is a well-guided and simple course that gives you confidence and allows you to take your journey of learning guitar step by step. Steve Krenz hopes to make you feel, "instructed, encouraged and enrichred" by his guide. I forgot to mention that the course has also won two Telly Awards and an AEGIS Award for Excellence in Education.

After hearing all the glamour and excitement that the sale page displayed, we were very excited to try out the program for ourselves. And let me be the first to tell you, we were NOT disappointed after buying. In fact, far from it.

Our Review of Learn and Master Guitar:

Before we begin, I'd like to add that we are reviewing the Expanded Edition and not the Original Edition (Expanded comes with 10 Extra DVD's). The lesson book itself is very comprehensive; but when you add in the 20 DVD's and 5 Jam Along Cd's, we were feeling a little overwhelmed with the wealth of material to be honest. And that is exactly what you would hope for out of a $149 dollar product, a vast amount of learning material. We understand that much money isn't cheap these days, but we thought that Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar was a great investment.

After loading up the introductory DVD, we found that Steve Krenz really relates a unique but comfortable approach in his teaching methods. He makes you feel comfortable in your home and at any level of playing. And the functionality of being able to pause, rewind, fast forward, skip and replay sections makes learning at your own pace a breeze.

Lastly, we want to let you know how the people actually felt about the product after trying it out. We have yet to find a review or forum post for someone who actually tried and devoted themselves to the program, and their end result was failure. The people that did complain however, basically said they didn't learn anything. This is because they expected the guide to teach them effortlessly, and that is not how learning works. To put it simply enough, if you want to learn and you actually put forth some effort, you will learn to play guitar without a doubt if you use Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar.

In Short:

Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar is the cream of the crop of guitar lesson programs. Now the ticket price of $149 might scare you away, but don't fret, its worth it. Depending on the edition, you get: Lesson Book, 20 DVD's, 5 Jam Along CD's and the Online Support Website. You'll find Steve Krenz cruising either the forums or the online support site, offering his help as much as possible. With a teacher like that, you can only conclude that he geniuenly wants to teach and help people. That kind of support alone should be worth the price tag.

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar is backed with an iron-clad 60 day, no questions asked warranty. If you are unhappy in any way with the product, just return it for a full refund. This warranty is the real deal, and feel confident knowing that your order is secure and fully guaranteed by Legacy Learning Systems. Also, another key point I forgot to mention is that you can buy each program with a payment plan: $39/3 Months - Original, and $49/3 Months - Expanded.

So if you really want to learn to play guitar, and you’re willing to put in the effort, then stop procrastinating. Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar is a quality program. Take action today and get Gibson's Learn and Master Guitar at it’s reduced price!


"My husband has been trying to learn guitar for two years by struggling through books. A few chords he picked up right away, but he never seemed to be able to progress much beyond that. He would always say, 'I just need someone to show me!' Since starting Learn & Master Guitar, he's improved his fingering, his understanding of how to read music, and he is finally excited enough to stay motivated and practice regularly. Thank you!!!"

— Tamar Eisenmann, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"This is really the first time I have ever been excited about learning guitar! What I really like are the practice lessons. They are tricky enough to force you to work with them, but simple enough that you can figure them out and feel like you're succeeding in it. Before when I was learning, I didn't have a way to judge how I was doing. With Learn & Master Guitar, I can see myself taking little steps and have the satisfaction that I am truly learning something."

— Chris Helsel, Beginning Guitar Player
Austin, Texas

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Disclosure: If you proceed to the Product Website and purchase this product from the manufacturer, they will pay us a fee.
The opinions offered here are our own and all information is verified as accurate at the time of review.
Last Updated: January 25, 2015